A more natural approach
to housebuilding

Thomas England Ltd are a developer with a difference. Each of their developments, each of their homes, is built by individuals for individuals.

Rather than working to a set specification, they take each home they build and make sure it complements the environment it occupies, so it sits naturally within its landscape to provide more harmonious surroundings for its owner.

That’s why their small team of experts includes an arbiculturalist, who assesses the state of the existing mature trees on the site, so they can be retained and incorporated wherever possible. They also take great care not to disturb natural inhabitants such as bats, owls and newts, to make sure their impact on the local environment is minimised.

Most of all though, they take a great pride in creating properties that meet every need of their owners and their families – providing everything they need to build a home they’ll be proud to own for many years to come.